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Are your electronic Health Records safe and secure from prying eyes and potentially costly breaches?


This simple to deploy yet powerful SaaS Solution helps protect your business, and, ensure the privacy of your patient’s e-records.

Who should be interested in AiDETECT?


Are you a Large National Hospital? A chain of Healthcare Clinics? Or a Solo Medical Practice?

Are you a Doctor? Or, a Medical Facility Administrator?

Are you an IT Solution provider to the Medical and Healthcare Industry?

The answer is you all should be!


No matter the size of your Medical Practice, AiDETECT is your faithful partner.


Always on. Always Vigilant.

A breach can have serious ramifications.

Research shows that Healthcare Providers who suffer such a breach, are often subject to complex & drawn-out legal cases, potentially large fines, and even potential business closure.


Bankruptcy is a direct known cause of such privacy breaches.


Not to mention the potentially enormous reputational risk that you may face along with such breaches, both personally and as a brand, as they are picked up by your peers, potential patients, industry regulatory bodies, and, the media.


AiDETECT helps you identify breaches and ensure the health, integrity, and, privacy of your IT Systems and data, as pertains to your electronic health record administration & management.


Easy to deploy and available on a monthly subscription basis, AiDETECT becomes an important tool for your business’s security.


AiDETECT is interoperable with most existing Healthcare IT Solutions in the market that produce user audit logs, and, brings an additional and powerful layer of protection to the table.

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Using key information extracted from your user access logs, AiDETECT identifies and analyzes actions that are permissible, and alerts you when something suspicious may be occurring.

You then, through a simple-to-navigate dashboard, have the ability to take action accordingly.


Data under monitor is updated daily.

This ensures you know within 24 hours if anything suspicious may be occurring.


The next great thing about this machine learning engine is that the solution then learns which behaviours are acceptable, and can then be set to allow that action as a green-lighted permitted activity in the future, or, continue to red-flag it as suspect and alert you for your knowledge, action and ultimately, your safety & security.

Easy to Deploy

No hardware required.

Solution can be set to action and begin generating meaningful and granular insight within just a few weeks.


Cost effective

Offered under a monthly subscription model with a simple contract.


Easy to Manage

Peace of mind from just a few minutes of routine due-diligence and action per day.

Mandated by the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Profession and the relevant Government Ministries, such as The Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare, Industry Regulatory Bodies, and relevant Associations that govern, decree and publish laws and guidelines for the operations and best-practices of the healthcare industry, are mandating that all activity on and within electronic health records be monitored and analyzed. Furthermore should incidents be found, that they be reported upon quickly.

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AiDETECT acts as part of your own security and compliance team.


Always on. Always Vigilant.

Quick to detect and alert - that is AiDETECT.


AiDETECT was designed specifically because - Patient Privacy Matters!


Simple but Powerful.


AiDETECT is Electronic Health Record Monitoring & Compliance made easy.

Speak with one of our Professional Consultants today or contact us for a quick demo.

Fusion Systems Group is confident you will be using AiDETECT shortly thereafter.


Rest Easy and Assured when AiDETECT is protecting your business.

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