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Custom Software System Development

Large Scale Restaurant Brand Case Study

Fusion Systems Japan offers to clients the possibility of doing full end to end development of custom Software to solve their business needs. By engaging Fusion Systems you ensure that your project will be put into good hands to give you ongoing deliveries to let you keep view of your needs without the need to worry about the technology.
Below is an example of one such delivery managed by Fusion Systems in the Food & Restaurant industry.


End to End Project

Custom software system solution designed and implemented by Fusion Systems.

Large scale

Large scale system to support over 400 physical locations across all of Japan.

Mobile Support

Native mobile application reaching #1 of Apple and Android app store in its category.


A large restaurant chain in Japan with over 400 locations was having congestions issues at most locations around lunch and dinner time due to the ticketing system which required customers to come to the restaurant to be issued a ticket with their seating position.  


Customers would then wait near the restaurant or keep their car in the car park which would cause problems affecting traffic in the streets near the restaurants. They would also face customer complaints due to the inaccurate waiting time estimates and having to show up early to ensure they don't miss their call only to wait a long time. 


This long wait time and full waiting area would also dissuade potential clients from coming, even at other times, for fear of it being too full. 


It was decided that to help address all the issues with congestion and waiting time estimation, the existing ticketing system would be modified to connect with a new mobile application which would allow everybody to see the current waiting times at all locations, as well as issue remote tickets to the smart phone application directly. 

Fusion Systems stepped in to do the design and implementation for the new system, which included: 

  • A new series of webservices and a backend management system deployed on AWS. 

  • Modification of their on-premises ticketing and seating systems to connect with the web services for remote ticketing, reservations and smart waiting time calculations. 

  • A new native iOS and Android mobile application which is also connected to the AWS hosted web services to provide restaurant listing with waiting time, account creation and management for reservations as well as simple remote ticket registration. 


While keeping the client an active participant in the project's requirements, the project was led and managed by Fusion Systems and implemented in-house by its team of software engineers. 

An initial trial phase was implemented at a few locations, which also saw Fusion Systems assist in gathering KPI data on site. This included hiring and managing teams of people gathering information about the number of cars showing to locations during the day to help build data to see the impact of the release of the new remote ticketing system. 

Meanwhile, the development team had the challenging task of adapting the legacy system for the seating in the restaurants to connect to the new web services to allow the mobile application to communicate with all the restaurants.

The main difficulty being in reusing the limited embedded devices to avoid the need for expensive replacements due to the number of restaurants. The restrictions of the physical devices required the team to do custom implementations of many features which would have been available directly with newer technology, but this allowed the restaurants to operate with a simple software deployment with no need for physical replacement. This saved money for the client while also making the deployment process for the restaurants very smooth, which was very important considering this would allow more than 400 restaurants to be deployed on the same day, making them all available for use on the mobile application. 

The data gathered by the team at the locations also helped to build the smart waiting time calculation to allow it to adjust based on time of day and how busy a location was getting. The data gathered allowed us to evaluate the improvements in real waiting times against the estimates once the system was launched. The backend management system built for the system also allowed dynamic adjustments without the need for further deployments. 

Under guidance from the client for the branding of the new mobile applications, both a native iOS and native Android application were developed at the same time. This allowed the timing of the launch of both applications to be executed at the same time, allowing all customers of the restaurants access to the new remote ticking. Special care was taken into ensuing as large of a support for the types of devices, to make sure that everybody who wanted could get a ticket. This required careful consideration of resource management to support older phone models. 


The system was deployed to over 400 restaurants all over Japan and became a success story for the chain. 


It helped improve customer satisfaction, reducing the number of complaints received by removing the need to come to the premises to receive a ticket and providing more accurate smart waiting time calculation. 


Soon after it's full launch to all of Japan, both the iOS and Android applications reached #1 of their application store categories. 


The success of the remote ticketing system also saw Fusion Systems working with the same client to develop their new part-time employee management HR systems and a few other utility tools for inventory and fridge management. 



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