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Bringing Your Technology to Japan

Healthcare Security System Case Study

An established technology company in the United States which offers a powerful AI privacy solution that detects unauthorized access to healthcare records was looking at the opportunity to bring its technology to Japan.  They gave the tasks to Fusion Systems Japan to begin the market research to bring the technology overseas as well as handle the localization of the systems for Japanese users.

Fusion Japan offers an extensive range of IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of bringing technology from overseas to the Japanese market. Our multinational staff have a large range of experience across multiple industries and technology. Across the whole lifecycle of bringing your technology to Japan, Fusion Systems can provide help in the early stage with project management, integrating systems, localization, regulation reviews and in the later phases we provide 24/7 Helpdesk services, bilingual support (Tier 1, 2, and 3) to keep your operation running. 

Helping you enter the Japanese market

Understanding the local market

A local team with feet on the ground can help find key players in the market to engage in discussions and prepare market research.

Technology and System Localization

Our experienced development team based in Japan can help prepare any localization of technology, interfaces and documentation for your systems.

Custom Development and system changes

Our development team has experience with large scale system development and can quickly produce new components which may become required for the Japanese market.

On-going operation support

Our Japanese / English Helpdesk can help maintain smooth operations once your technology is available in Japan.

1. Market and Regulation Research 

Challenge: While the technology is deployed to the American market, we wanted to confirm the opportunity also exists in Japan. A large part of the push in the United States to adopt security solutions was backed by government regulations, the equivalent regulations in Japan had to be understood. 

Solution: Fusion Japan began the process of market research and find local market experts: 

  • Finding and hiring local healthcare industry consultants. 

  • Joining healthcare technology organization and events. 

  • Scheduling and attending meetings with key market players to present the technology. 

  • Finding potential initial clients to begin trial program. 


  • We were able to confirm that the market is open to the technology. 

  • We were able to get a good feeling of how early to the market we are to be able to plan long-term goals for the project. 

  • Avoid issues with going too aggressive too early, thanks to accurately understanding the technology acquisition process in the Japanese Healthcare industry. 

2. System Localization  

Challenge: The initial technology deployed to the American market was only available in English which would not be enough for the Japanese market.

Solution: Fusion Japan development team worked on adding multilingual support 

  • System code modifications to allow Japanese/English to the client UI

  • Work with Japanese translators and healthcare specialists to provide market specialized translations

  • Write and produce Japanese language documentation and marketing materials, including video productions. 


  • Ensured in a short time that the technology would be ready for Japan.

  • Produced new high quality marketing materials for Japanese audiences used in discussions with key market players.

3. Japanese workflow modifications

Challenge: During the market research, an issue was identified with the system workflow that did not match the reality of how small clinics were operating. Due to the large number of small clinics, that potential market opportunity needed to be addressed.

Solution: The Fusion Systems development team working with the health care consultants prepared changes to the technology that would allow the client to pursue this additional market: 

  • Rework of the user UI to support changes to the workflow with additional guidance.

  • Modification to some of the internal logic of the AI security rules


  • The early market research combined with the ability of the development team allowed the system to be ready for a large share of the Japanese market.

  • The improvements identified in the process of making these changes were communicated back to the original product team so they could integrate them should they choose.

4. Local Infrastructure Support

Challenge: Due to the sensitive nature of health care data and privacy concern, part of the operation would need to be locally run in Japan, and some technical integrations will require technology discussions with clients and assisting them during the onboarding process.

Solution: Fusion Japan offers comprehensive services, including: 

  • Experience with cloud infrastructure requirements for Japan

  • Local language Helpdesk and communications

  • Coordinating logistics and labor to ensure timely delivery and setup. 

  • Effective communication with clients and vendors in both Japanese and English. 


  • Easier conversations with market partners and potential clients.

  • Locally managed infrastructure and support during standard Japanese hours.


By engaging early with Fusion Systems, the client was able to quickly confirm the market opportunities and make a realistic long-term plan for the adoption of their technology in Japan based on the current regulations and changes to come. This early engagement of market consultants also identified flaws in the existing system which Fusion System was able to quickly fix and adapt the system to better serve the Japanese market, opening a whole new potential avenue of clients that was not initially known. All while preparing the infrastructure to be ready to serve once the initial clients are onboarded into the system.


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