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Fusion Systems is one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions and business consultancy, with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Our consultants offer strategic advice, design, implementation, support and maintenance of systems up to and including

enterprise-level environments.


Fusion Systems strives to bridge the gap between global vision and the local realities of IT systems development and operations. By leveraging our teams of market-proven experts, we successfully bring IT and human intelligence together to deliver superior business systems and infrastructure to the world’s leading corporations.



Our savvy and reach spans trading, banking, insurance, retail, restaurant, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, energy, automobile, logistics and manufacturing for the latest technologies.


Fusion’s consultancy teams are comprised of a multi-national team from all over the globe, and we are ready for rapid deployment to customers where we deliver world class solutions within scope, within budget and on time.

Management Team

Michael J. Alfant
Group CEO

Raymond F. Ribble

Partner, SPHER

Shiro Fujita

President, Japan

Vaughan Marks

President, China

Rob Corrigan



It is fun to work in a company where people believe in what they do. Join our team at Fusion Systems to help reshape the landscape of information technology. We are committed to bringing your passion and skills to the frontline of cutting-edge business applications.


Apply for jobs at Fusion System and discover the opportunities
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Group Companies

A sophisticated set-up-and-run algorithmic monitor of the day-to-day activity on your most sensitive clinical applications, identifying suspicious user behaviors and providing actionable intelligence to better your security.

The Ingenium is the premier executive search firm based in Tokyo, Japan. Our consultants and associates specialize in identifying and attracting bilingual executives, professionals and specialists for firms in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region. For management recruiting, executive search, technology, semiconductors, life sciences, industrial and professional services (finance & accounting, human resources), Ingenium is a leader in the region.




Daiwa Azabudai Building,
Azabudai 2-3-3, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0041




TEL: (+81) 3 3505 2880

Hong Kong


Suite 603, Tower 2, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty,

Hong Kong



TEL: (+852) 2530 1938

Helpdesk: (+852) 2530 1168 

Los Angeles


1515, 818 West Nanjing Road
Shanghai 200041, China 




TEL: (+86) (21) 5289-5858
Helpdesk: (+86) (21) 5289-5858


19191 S. Vermont Ave
Suite 820

Torrance CA 90502

United States



TEL: (+1) 310 602 5140





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