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・Telework best practices

・On-line teamwork skill-building

・Enhance on-line training

・Business Development Solutions

We provide virtual facilitation services in both Japanese and English to help our clients realize key objectives by overcoming remote working challenges such as:

Difficulties organizing virtual meetings across various departments in a company.

Managing virtual group discussions to achieve important business objectives.

Special skills required to effectively setup audio/ video tools.

Ensuring data and connection security during telework calls.


Developing and maintaining secure online business transactions by implementing effective E-Commerce solutions.

Reliable and Secure support on Multiple Platforms

And Others


Our Service

1. Consultation

Discuss client requirements

2. Assessment

Software, Hardware and placement of Information Security

4. Setup

Real-time collaboration tools rollout/training

3. Agenda

Discuss meeting agenda, objectives, assign roles

6. Virtual Meeting

Facilitate engagement between participants, share- visuals/white board

7. Feedback

Provide clients and Virtual Facilitation team with feedback

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5. Meeting Prep

Sending meeting invitation & agenda, virtual meeting etiquette



8.1 Business


8.2 Training

8.3 Further Meetings

Examples of effective Virtual Facilitation implementation

1. Management meetings

Company managers overseeing specific groups rarely interact with other managers both at a local and regional level. By implementing effective Virtual Facilitation, this presents a new opportunity to lead discussions amongst managers about new business realities and produce possibilities for utilizing resources in new ways company-wide.

2. Training

Most training programs for new staff are conducted in training rooms at the office. As Telework becomes a new norm, quick adjustments to traditional training methods are required. Virtual facilitation is the quick answer using well designed, interactive and secure on-line meetings run by experienced moderators.

3. Brainstorming

Telework restricts the exchange of information and ideas which happen in the office setting. Virtual facilitation can bring staff together to discuss problems that require solutions as well as support the formation of ideas for reaching new objectives. Properly arranged discussion agendas with experienced moderation can create meaningful outcomes for your company.


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