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Communications has been redefined with the ability to connect people and networks in many ways. Our broad range of services include migrations to the cloud, network migration, retail system installations, L1-L3 support, vendor management, and Voice IP solutions. 

Do you want to remove limits to your business? We can provide options for improved connectivity

If you are integrating your office with telework capability via smartphone, tablet or PC devices our Connectivity team has provided many clients with effective and secure solutions delivered quickly and efficiently.


Client Services Desk

Client Services Desk team offering bilingual Help Desk services for troubleshooting, issue resolution, technical assistance to support the coordination of on and off-site support for efficient execution.

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and implement solutions.


Project Management

Network projects require professional control of documents and specifications. Fusion Project Managers have the experience and commitment to ensure successful project completion.


Quality Assurance

Our QA begins during the planning phase and ends when we have completed the project on time. We do this by controlling the information.


On-going Support

Client Services coordinates real-time support and manages engineers schedules to make dispatches to your company successful. 


With our combined team of experienced global project managers and experienced engineers, we provide hands on expertise you can trust. Our work processes and service offerings have been refined over 20 years of new installations, network upgrades and plenty of successful troubleshooting.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Here's what we can do for you:


Integrating office networks with cloud networks can improve connectivity which enhances your ability to interact with your clients and employees in new ways.

Upgrade your network connectivity to meet the demands of a flexible work environment to optimize your new workflow from anywhere. 


We create user manuals and training programs to ensure your staff are able to connect to your network from any device whether in the office or at home so that they can consistently contribute to your business. 





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