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The Retail IT Team has extensive experience in installing, configuring and supporting IT based systems in your retail environment. With over 15 years of experience in Japan and other markets in Asia, we have consistently provided superior project management and system configuration for many of the finest global retail brands.

Bringing Global Brands to Asian retail markets.

The Retail IT Services team provides on-going services to retail clients nationally in the countries we serve. We can offer tiered service packages for retail stores and outlets within the country and we are very proficient at integrating our services with global IT departments which provides clients with seamless global to local management.


Client Services Desk

A core component supporting our national service capability is the Client Services Desk team offering bilingual Help Desk services for troubleshooting and issue resolution, technical assistance, and knowledge transfer as well as the coordination of on and off-site support for efficient execution. We are able to integrate the activities of the Client Services Desk to hook into our clients global process management systems. Presently we provide process support on multiple platforms so we are able to adapt core services to almost any client environment.


Effective IT support requires a wide range of skills and knowledge from equipment installation and set up to problem solving and upgrades. Fusion Systems has a deep team of talent able to cover your needs today, next week and next year as technology develops and changes. As new technology becomes available, our technicians review and assess the value of the new technology, feel free to ask our technicians questions about other technologies when they visit your site.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and implement.


Client Communication

Whether your organizational structure is locally based or globally integrated, Fusion Systems has highly trained and experienced team members who are able to present or exchange information efficiently and effectively in order to enhance the clients network environment. 



To ensure efficient completion of all tasks, we utilize ticketing systems and team review meetings where client requests are reviewed and task completion confirmed. Many of our team members are bilingual or trilingual so cross border communications are adaptable to your needs.


On Site Support

We can schedule regular on-site visits to a location so that your staff can prepare the support requests and interact with the engineer directly, or we can dispatch engineers when needed.

Here's what we can do for you:


Regional Project management allows us to work directly with your teams and prepares our specialist team of engineers to install or connect PoS networking – This includes local, regional and global communication with our clients.

We frequently undertake IT device configurations and manage new store builds which allows us to adapt quickly to your company needs. As part of a new store build, we provide regular updates, full project documentation and can rapidly re-focus our on-call-support for any new maintenance needs.


Technology is changing rapidly which requires an adaptable and up to date team of IT specialists. Specialized training is arranged for our staff to ensure that they are up to date with the latest technologies and they are prepared to complete all network installations.




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