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Our Work

Below are some examples of the type of work that Fusion Systems can assist you with. These cover the wide range of IT services provided by us and show how Fusion Systems can help support your existing business or help you grow new opportunities.

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Fusion Systems can help you with the development of custom Software Solutions to assist your existing business or help you with new opportunities. Fusion Systems provides end to end development support including the design, architecture, project management and development of your systems.


Fusion Systems can assist your existing or new business plant a solid foot in the Japanese market. By helping you with the Japanese regulations and market research as well as providing technical localization of your IT systems to support the Japanese market.

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Electrical Inspectors


Fusion Systems can help you grow in Japan by taking the IT Infrastructure risk off your hands, providing experienced on-site IT professionals, flexibility, quick response time as well as cultural and language proficiency. Freeing you to focus on your business without the worry of the IT world.


New Startup Support

Fusion Systems has experience bringing business visions to reality. Should you have a startup idea that requires technical expertise to bring forward, Fusion Systems can help you bring it to market by supporting you through the process of setting up the business and implementing your idea.

Startup Development Team


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