9 Sep 2018

dimare™ has announced the product release of dimare’s core modules at major restaurant chains in Malaysia and Taiwan in 2018.   

dimare™ is a powerful all-in-one restaurant management platform that leverages machine learning to increase restaurant performance and streamline operational efficiency. With years of experience working closely with large restaurant chains, we have the industry knowledge and the technological expertise specializing...

18 Apr 2017

SPHER, Fusion's own healthcare privacy and security solutions has been featured in the podcast, Help Me With HIPAA: Insiders may be your biggest threat to privacy and security Ep – 97.

Usually when you hear news about cyber threats, the biggest headlines are about ransomware and hackers. But the ones that fly under the radar are actually things that are worthy of attention. For example, employees within a company usually do not have much difficult...

7 Apr 2017

Akindo Sushiro is Japan's largest chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants, with over 450 stores domestically and under continual expansion into the international market. Their excellence in serving the customers with low-cost but high-quality sushi is supported by cutting-edge IT technology tailored to the sushi restaurants pursing operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

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