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SPHER Featured in Help Me With HIPAA by Donna Grindle and David Sims

SPHER, Fusion's own healthcare privacy and security solutions has been featured in the podcast, Help Me With HIPAA: Insiders may be your biggest threat to privacy and security Ep – 97.

Usually when you hear news about cyber threats, the biggest headlines are about ransomware and hackers. But the ones that fly under the radar are actually things that are worthy of attention. For example, employees within a company usually do not have much difficulty breaking into secure data because they may already have access when they are at work. It is a common and damaging assumption that you do not have to worry about your insiders.

About SPHER Inc.

SPHER Inc. is a leading healthcare privacy & security solutions company focused on delivering rapid and accurate analysis of user behavior within any ePHI system . Based in Southern California, SPHER brings more than 20+ years in delivering tailored, progressive solutions to national and regional healthcare providers. Hundreds of healthcare organizations and millions of lives are protected daily through the regular and appropriate implementation of the SPHER audit log monitoring solution. Launched in 2013, SPHER represents the healthcare industry's state-of-the-art EHR breach detection solution which meets multiple federal(CMS, OCR) audit requirements.

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