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Achieving Fusion Systems' SDGs through mobility and cycling

Tokyo, Japan (March 4, 2022) – Fusion Systems [Fusion], a global technology solutions provider, continues to be committed to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. Fusion strives to meet the diverse needs of people in different communities, social cohesion, creating equal opportunity to ensure a strong and healthy society. With this, Fusion’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to be close to their heart.

Fusion believes mobility is an essential element of development strategies that aim to achieve SDGs. Meeting the needs of people who cycle continues to be a critical part of the mobility solution for helping cities de-couple population growth from increased emissions, and to improve air quality and road safety.

As part of their collection of SDG initiatives, Fusion sponsors a cycle road race team called ‘Palatium Tokyo Fusion Systems’. The team consists of 16 cycle road racers, which include an ex-UCI Continental Team Pro, former National Japan Team Member and current Masters Time Trial National Champion, including Fusion’s very own Representative Director. The team wear team jerseys with Fusion’s company and product logos (i.e. Fusion Systems, Raptor and dimare).

On February 27, 2022, the race called ‘Meiji Jingu Outer Garden Criterium’ was held in the center of Tokyo at Meiji Gingu Gaien, as a part of the ‘9th Prince Tomohiro Memorial World Grand Prix’. This is one of the largest road race events in the Japan calendar and among the avid cycling community, with the event also broadcasted live online. Among the many categories was the Universities Criterium, as well as the Masters Criterium which is regarded as the most competitive road race in Tokyo.

Shiro Fujita, Co-Founder of Fusion Systems, commented, “Sustainable transport and mobility is one that is universal, efficient, safe, and green. We are thrilled to be doing our part for the planet, economic development and human capital, and promoting the benefits of cycling for all.”

The thoroughly enjoyable day was topped off by Akihiko Morisaka from the ‘Palatium Tokyo Fusion Systems’ team coming first place in the Masters category. Julien Lunge and Yasuo Yamamoto also raced hard.

Below are a few photos from the special day, and the race tour plan and schedule.

------Race Tour Plan and Schedule------

JBCF (Japan Bicyclist Club Federation) Cycle Road Series

[J Elite Tour category and Masters category - total 30 races across Japan]

JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) Road Races

[JCF is an upper level organization of JBCF]

The JCF Road Races include major target races such as:

Meiji Jingu Outer Garden Criterium - Prince Tomohiro Memorial World Grand Prix

[The best (and famous) masters (over 30) - road racers compete at the center of Tokyo]

Tour de Okinawa

[The biggest Cycling Road Race event in Japan]

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