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Fusion Systems has over a 20 year history providing products and services to top firms in the finance industry. 


Speed, Resilience, Scalability

Market Connectivity
Market Connectivity
Normalized market access for onboarding the highest-value order flows, with both <200 nanoseconds (native) and 12μs (FIX) options.
Risk Management
Risk Management
Comprehensive risk management to meet business and exchange compliance. 
Market Protocol
For Any Market Protocol + Asset Class
Live support for all major Asian exchanges, with 2-3 month delivery lead-time.





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Financial Solutions

Capital Markets
We specialise in time-sensitive and mission-critical solutions, servicing the largest and most sophisticated investment banks and securities firms. 
Retail Banking
Our strategic technology consulting encompasses front to back-office operations, maximising our customers growth, profitability and success. Our experience includes automated business process management, security policy delivery, infrastructure design and re-engineering. 
We bring expertise to help our customers navigate the ever-changing internal and external business and regulatory landscape. Our experience includes building and delivering policy management frameworks, identity management systems, and upgrading legacy systems. 
Unparalleled Expertise + Fast Time-to-Market
We have a deep cross-section of skilled consultants, with a proven background in the finance and insurance industries. Our team are multi-lingual and locally based in Tokyo and Hong Kong, pre-positioned for rapid deployment to our customer. 
Financial Solutions
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